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Since 2018, Soliloquy has held the highly sought-after collections of Barbara Kavchok as well as exclusive styles that are designed solely for Soliloquy. Our collection is regularly rotated to expose the freshest take on bridal to D.C. metro area brides and beyond. 

Our exclusive partnership enables Soliloquy brides to work directly with Barbara Kavchok through the Soliloquy team in the design process. For exclusive, direct access to working with the designer, check out the Soliloquy Designer Connection Package. Whether it is customizing collection designs or creating a fully custom gown, we value our relationships with Soliloquy brides in the Washington, DC metro area.   

All of our gowns are proudly hand-crafted ethically and sustainably by our small team in our Historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,USA studio. Our partnership with Soliloquy has enabled us to share our highly sought-after collections, create exclusive styles designed solely for Soliloquy, and work directly with brides of the Washington, D.C. metro area to create customized gowns and fully custom Barbara Kavchok designs. 

learn more about who we are & what we do for our soliloquy brides

the brand
It’s much more than a dress– it’s symbolic, meaningful, and makes a statement about who you are and what you hope for tomorrow. We believe fashion is a fine art. It should be cared for, paid attention to, and honored in a way that authentically represents the person wearing it. It should tell a story— your story. 

Through the artistry, craftsmanship, and unique talents of our team, we create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art for every bride. We aim to encourage self-expression, inspire creativity, and hold meaning behind every stitch. 

After all, your wedding is a moment so meaningful. Your dress should be too. 
what we offer soliloquy— our soliloquy
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fresh, imaginative, romantic & modern designs

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Each year we release two new bridal collections. 

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entirely custom creations

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Envisioning your dream dress? As a Soliloquy Flagship bride, you are able to collaborate with Barbara Kavchok through the Soliloquy team to create a bespoke wedding gown.

style customizations

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Since each wedding dress is hand-crafted for each bride, you have the option to customize any Barbara Kavchok design. Sleeves? Extended trains? Different fabric? Changing the neckline? We got you.

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made-to-measure gowns

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People aren’t one-size-fits-all, so your dress shouldn’t be either. We are able to craft gowns to your measurements and body type for a made-for-you fit.

meet the designer

Barbara Kavchok grew up watching her mother, the woman behind the successful luxury bridal brand Eugenia Couture, create exquisite gowns for countless brides. An artist at heart, Barbara earned her bachelor’s in fine art and illustration at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After college, she continued her classical fine art training at the esteemed Barnstone Studios year-long intensive program. She worked as a mural painter and fine artist before discovering her true passion for designing refreshing pieces of wearable art for the modern bride while working as an apprentice for Eugenia Couture. Years later Barbara took on the role of Chief Designer at Eugenia Couture and in 2016 she celebrated the launch of her own brand— Barbara Kavchok Couture. Today, she fuses her classical fine art background with her design expertise to continue her mother’s legacy and run a successful bridal brand for the expressive, unapologetic romantic. Barbara Kavchok’s design atelier is located in Historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA where she and her skilled team of artists ethically and sustainably hand-craft each garment. 

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It’s not an added bonus, it’s a necessity. We create gowns for everyBODY regardless of age, background, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, size, or anything else that makes us unique. Plus, every gown is made-to-measure, meaning your wedding dress is truly unique to you. 
We design with the bride in mind, crafting pieces that help them look and feel the way they envision on their wedding day. We operate ethically, with integrity, with honesty, and always stay true to ourselves.  
Hand-crafted, slow-fashion, and zero-waste design processes to help make the Earth a greener place, one dress at a time. 
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