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About Soliloquy

Our Story

We were born of an entrepreneurial spirit! 

In 2011, we dropped everything, including our corporate jobs, to serve our community in an inspiring way. We wanted to give our clients a rich experience by acknowledging and celebrating the variety of styles and cultures in our area. As the bridal trends change, we evolve with them. We are constantly looking to provide the freshest take on wedding style while honoring the desires of the traditionalists and the modern bride.

On the day that a couple chooses to join together for a lifetime of togetherness, we join with them in wanting every element of that day to be memorable. We believe that at the beginning of that walk down the aisle, your intentions are summed up in that one perfect moment - your soliloquy. No one is talking, but everyone is whispering about  you - your gown - your choice. Family and friends joyfully anticipate  how you choose to present yourself on this most pivotal day in your life. We are honored to be a part of that. We are thrilled to support you!

Our Story

A Barbara Kavchok Flagship

We have joined forces...

...with one of our most coveted brands,

Barbara Kavchok, and as of February 2018, we have launched an exclusive collaboration.


Soliloquy Bridal Couture: A Barbara Kavchok Flagship is committed to encouraging brides to truly maximize the designer’s featured collections and accessibility by working with store management and staff to create a customized gown that speaks to their innermost feelings and intentions as a bride.

What does this mean ?

This flagship will be a true destination for brides seeking renowned, hard-to-find creations by focusing solely on the talents of Barbara Kavchok and tapping into the fullest potential of the unique pieces that will derive from this one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Enhanced Customization Options

  • Larger Sample Sizes for the Curvy Bride

  • Flagship Only Dresses Exclusive to Soliloquy

  • Eco-Friendly Gowns Made in the US

  • Regularly Updated Styles & New Constant Inventory


Allowing every bride to find her soliloquy!


The Soliloquy Experience

Private Appointments

You deserve our personal attention during this special moment. 

Peaceful Environment

Our mission is to help you find your distinctive voice in a calm and relaxing environment. Just you, the bridal gowns and an experienced consultant to help you find your soliloquy.

Find Your Statement

We will ensure that you confidently and enthusiastically choose the unique wedding dress which reveals your inner most feelings and intentions as a bride.

And the Bonus...

We are just as excited about your wedding day as you are!



Soliloquy Bride, Rachel

This shop truly deserves a million stars. The dress and veil were unbelievable, and I received so many compliments on them both. Not to mention, they treat you like a true bride! Soliloquy was definitely the best part of my wedding planning process!

Soliloquy Bride, Kenya

The level of customer service and the warm and genuine nature of the boutique's staff has been very refreshing. I feel like Cinderella and the Soliloquy staff are my fairy God-mothers!

Father of the Bride, Todd

I don't believe there is a better wedding dress store in the Washington DC area. The staff is kind, generous, and patient and they treated my daughter with love and respect. 

Private User

The dress we found was unique, clearly well-made, luxurious fabric, and had all of the details I had wanted in a dress.  I had a great experience here. If you are looking for a place with a wide and unique selection of dresses, professional manner, and some fun, look no further!

Soliloquy Bride,


I would recommend Soliloquy to any area brides. It was TOTALLY worth the drive from DC! The staff was so helpful, fun, and talented. They also connected my mom in Indiana via Skype so she could be there for my appointment. 

Our Brides
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